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What is Gogrind®

Gogrind® is Innovation Grinder
Produced and design in Barcelona.
Combine mini Grinder and a Lighter Case.
Available in 4 Colors.


Take apart for better Cleaning.
It can be used as mini Grinder or use it with the Lighter case.
Never again you will forget to take your lighter 

Beautiful Display Case of 16 units

4 units from each color

Distributors vs Wholesale Differences

There are a few differences between the Distributor and Wholesale.

One of the key differences is Territory and Quantity.

Normally Wholesale is for smaller Quantities, Shop Owners and Online Retailers.

Distributors are a type of business that sells to shop owners and therefore they buy larger quantity and cheaper prices. 

For our Distributors, we have a minimum Quantity and better prices.

For wholesale, the minimum quantity is much lower.


Application to become Gogrind® Distributor

We know application are somehow annoying, at Gogrind® we did our best to make it short, thank you for your patience.
Become a distributor

Thank you for checking us out, We know that as a business person we are all tired to fill up forms, we tried to make this contact form as simple and as short as possible. we want to thank you for taking the time to send us a few details about yourself, and we are hoping to establish a good relationship with you. thank you, Gogrind Team