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What is Gogrind®

Gogrind® is the first Lighter Case with mini Grinder. you will never forget your Grinder or Lighter ever again.

Take a part / Easy to Clean

You can wash your Grinder easily

Small size Grinder

You can carry the Grinder in your Pocket

Come in variety of Colors

Choose from our 4 colors and even fix the colors together


One Units with 4 Colors to choose from

4 Units - One from each color

4 Units is a great gifts Value

Display of 16 Units

Gorgeous Display Case for Business Owners

Who We Are?

Gogrind® was created in the exciting city of Barcelona.

After over a year of drawing and designing, we finally reach our final product which combines a mini Grinder and a Lighter Case.

Since our launch, we got very good responses, and our products continue to sell this very day.

We are currently looking to expand to new territories by making a relationship with local or national distributors.